An image is created. But the truth is

The word Laifu itself has been conjured up as a word that refers only to the pious. But the truth is

Did the Sahaba become Kafir? - A Marginalia to Mu'jam -

So We made them a ladder and an example to others (Al-Zukhruf: 16) We made them predecessors (in destruction) and examples for those who follow.

(Quran 43:66)

When God mentions Pharaoh and his people, he mentions Swaf. Therefore, Lalaf is not a word that refers to a specific person or good person, but money or material, good or bad people, it is a word that precedes all of them, it is a sow study that needs to be sanctified.

Why “E” letter?

Let us see what the word life means. From this let us know how it becomes Salafis

Modern Salafis use this word to refer to the ancestors who have gone before us because they follow the ancestors because the word life refers to what has gone before. They identify themselves as Walafis because of their dependence on those ancestors using the term Walaf forefathers.

In Arabic the word ends with a suffix to indicate dependence.For example, we say that Bukhari is Imam. But his name is not Bukhari. His name was Muhammad bin Ismail,We refer to him as Bukhari because he belongs to the town of Bukhar. It is in this way that they identify themselves as Salafis because they follow the predecessors of the Salaf.

Ancestors and Paradoxes

Because they follow the word Salaf as forefathers

We have seen that they also identify themselves as Salafis. We also need to know at this point who choose whom as their lives i.e. ancestors.This is the funniest thing.They give a reason for following their ancestors.That is, if each of us interprets the religion it has many contradictions That reason is that if we depend on the ancestors to create, we can interpret them as they interpreted. (Let’s see) (Pinas about the contradictions in the interpretations of the ancients

They claim that they depend on the Salaf to remove the contradictions and decide who those lives are and they are unable to remove the contradictions. That’s great fun A sharar that the lives are only the sahaba. No, the Sahaba, the Tabeeen, the Tabatad Tabeeen No Sahabah, Tabeeen, Taboot Tabeeen in every period A charar called the sages who lived. It is a sharar that one should follow what the Sahabah have agreed upon.

A Sahabi also said that it is proof

In each period the Sahabah were the Tabi’een and the Taba’ud were the Tabi’een

A Sarar to follow what Ekopithu said. Not only until the time of Taba’ud Tabi’een. From then until before us, in every era, one should follow Ekopithu Chenna. Thus the list of their contradictions is long. The first step taken by them claiming to remove contradictions is contradictions. It is against the very basis of religion. Any of these ways is directly contrary to the basis of religion and we will see about it in subsequent issues.

The reason for the conflict

Conflicts are natural because everyone’s thinking has many angles

There are two advantages to a judge if he examines and gives a correct judgment for judgment. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said that if he investigates to judge and gives a wrong judgement, he has an advantage.

Narrated by: Amr bin Al-Aas (RA) Text: Bukhari 7352 In the above message, we can know that even if he makes a wrong decision, he has a reward. But that one wage must be the result of one’s thinking and not dependent on ancestors who said he did it. Also, if we make a decision and know with evidence that it is wrong The error should be corrected by presenting the evidence. Otherwise it’s great Sinful. It is because of the Lord’s way of removing contradictions that it creates many contradictions. Believers! Obey Allah! Obey this Messenger! And those of you who are in authority (obey!) you and Allah. If you are a believer in the Last Day then you disagree on something When you take it, take it to Allah and to God! This is the best and most beautiful explanation.

(Quran 4:10)

The way of God is to agree with the RN hadith to remove contradictions

Any Qur’anic verse, whether it is a Hadeel or not, should be interpreted in it. Being

Therefore, it is because of the reason that we are creating a new way by leaving a way that the Lord has said to eliminate contradictions, so modern Alafis are falling into such confusion and misdirection.

Those who have taken a step away from the basis of the Qur’anic Hadith that they follow the Sahaba are now the Tabeeen, the Tabatat Tabeeen. Ijma and imams are going down the same path.

In the beginning, those who spoke monotheism and spoke of the Prophet’s way and those who opposed the Madhhab deviated from it and went down many steps and wandered like “lost sheep” who forgot the way they had wandered.

The way of the believers

And who opposes the Messenger after guidance has become clear to him? And he follows other than the path of the believers. We will turn him to what he has turned, and We will send him into Hell, and what an evil destination it is. (An-Nisa: (115))  We will leave him on his way who turns to this Messenger even after the right path is clear to him and follows other than the way of the believers. Then we will make him enter hell. It is bad in the collection.

(Quran 4:115)

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In this verse the change to the messenger is like adding the tongue That following other than the path of the believers will also lead to hell  It has been said. Therefore, one should follow the Mu’min as one follows the Messenger. Who are the Mu’mins? The Sahaba, therefore, refer to this verse as evidence for their principle of following the Sahaba. First of all, according to their interpretation of this verse, their reason is that in this verse, we must follow the path of the Messenger and we must follow the path of the believers.

It can be understood that this is a change to the argument that the principle should be interpreted as it was interpreted by the Sahaba. For the sake of argument they state that they should be interpreted as they have been interpreted separately. If this is true then the evidence is irrelevant. If the evidence is the principle then it is clearly a coping word for argument.

For every one who thinks after reading the way they take evidence from Veeetu verse. It is obvious that they are people who are looking for evidence after making a conclusion

Mentioning that they should follow the path of the Moofeens, they will be branded as Moofins, not only the Sivar Hayabas, but also the Tabibeens and Tapadab Tabis. Some say that Mu’minan is a term used to refer only to scholars who were wise men who lived in any era.

There is no evidence for this, as we have already mentioned, one must cite another evidence or interpret the hadith in some way, otherwise even to impose their own opinion on the mind.

How can there be evidence in Islam for a decision to change the basic tenets of Islam, which is to follow the ancestors and to follow only the revelation? Thus, they bend the Qur’anic verse that may be there to suit the conclusion reached by the Hadith scholars.

How should they decide if they make a decision according to their convenience? Mu’min means every man and woman who mentally believes in Allah and all things that He says, even if it is not possible to know who the Mu’min are. It should be decided that every such believer can be followed by other believers. Will they decide that the Mu’mins can follow each other?

There is so much confusion in the paper because the believers leave the interpretation of God and make a decision and give their own interpretation accordingly.

The way of the believers is not a way that the believers create together. It is the way that the believers should go that is the basis of the Qur’an.

What is the way of the believers?

Status of Hadith (1) - Dr Khalid Zaheer

The only thing the believers say when they are called to God and His Messenger to judge between them is that they say, “We hear and we obey.” Those are the ones who will be successful, and whoever obeys God Eh and His Messenger, and he who fears God and fears Him – those are the ones who will be victorious. (An-Nur: 51-53)

To say to Allah and His Messenger when they are called, “We obey; we are bound” so that the Messenger may judge between them. Will be the answer of the faithful. They are the winners. (Quran 24:53)

It is not for a believing man or a believing woman, when God and His Messenger have decided a matter, to have any choice over their matter, and whoever disobeys God and His Messenger has indeed gone astray Making clear [Al-Ahzab: 3637]

And when Allah and His Messenger decide a matter, give it to the believing man and woman to decide in our Ayyāriyām, and whoever disobeys Allah and His Messenger, he has gone astray.

And those who have believed, obey God and obey the Messenger, and those in authority are yours, for the one who will come down to you in the art of loyalty is to God and the Messenger, if you are Colored with God and the afterlife: that is better and has a better interpretation. (An-Nisa’ (3))

Siblings! Obey Allah and this Messenger and those among you who have the authority to obey (obey) If you believe in Allah and the Last Day, when you differ in any matter, take it to Allah and this Messenger! This is the best and most comprehensive explanation

Allah clarifies the way of the believers in the above verses. Believers are bound to Allah and His Messenger and follow only the revelation. The Lord speaks that they will not make a decision beyond the Qur’anic Hadith

Therefore, walking according to the Qur’anic Hadith is not the path of the believers but the path of the believers. Therefore, only the Qur’anic Hadith should be followed and no Mu’min’s opinion is a religion.

Another thing should be noted here. Why do you follow the Sahaba or any of the predecessors they follow? If you ask that, today everyone interprets the religion in different ways, contradicts, divides and creates confusion. That’s why they say that if their way goes, everyone can go the same way.

We will see later how conflicted they are.

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Those who followed the predecessors who had removed the contradiction before them should know that it is a funny thing that they are not united in this very sky which they take as the main source of their doctrine.

Because, as already mentioned, some people say that the word “Mu’min” in the verse “The way of the Mu’min” refers only to the Sahaba.

No! Some say it also refers to Tabieen. No! There are some who say that Taba’ud also means Tabi’een! Not only them. Some say that it also refers to the sages who lived in every era.

What is surprising is that they all identify themselves as Salafis. Those who say that they should only follow the Sahaabah are others who, in their eyes, are on the right path


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