In the name of Salafism, one of the biggest misguidance is the Islamic society

Salafi doctrine is a warning

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It has started trying to change direction. It is the basis of Islam that those with such principles are not true Salafis and are leading people the way they came

In this lesson we will also learn how their paths are contradictory. Inshah Allah! Some people have come down in the name of Salafism to convert people by using the same word as Tawheed as a mask.

What is their policy?

What exactly is Salafism? Where are they taking people? Before we look at where those who have stepped away from the foundation of Wahi-only Islam are today “lost sheep” let’s look at some basic facts about the foundation of Islam.

Islam is the religion of God!

Know that the pure religion belongs to Allah! Except him

And those who took the guardians said, “They have brought us to the side of Allah

We do not worship them except that they bring us closer together”

say). Allah will judge between them concerning that in which they differ. Allah will not guide liars and disbelievers.

(Qur’an 39:3) God mentions in this verse that Islam is a religion belonging to Allah. What does that mean?

If Allah is the owner of Islam, then it has the power to dictate the law. Only He has the power to decide something good and something bad, to decide this is halal and this to be haram, and to define something as salutary and good.

In general, the basic principle of this verse is that no one else has the power and right to legislate in Islam except Him. This is what our Kalima also teaches.

Generally, whoever owns a thing is the one who has the authority to make laws related to it. We clearly feel this in the case of the world. We accept.

One owns a house. If we are on rent, the owner of the house will pay the rent and advance payment for the house. Agreement. What are the rules for water consumption and its maintenance?

Because we will be bound by it. This is because he is the ruler of the house and the law in it. At the same time, someone came near that house and touched that house A dog is not bound by any law or condition imposed on us. Who are you to say this beyond not being bound? Chattan does not accept what he says. Someone without authority

Not only when we are a house rent contractor, but even if we are a professional, we are a creditor, we have the power and the right to make laws. I would not want the law to empower me.

If this is how our anger works in worldly matters, how should our position be when someone thinks of giving up the rights of God who created us for the sake of religion. How much fury should the fire of God’s love emanate.

Islam is a religion belonging to God,

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If Islam is a religion belonging to God, the one who teaches all the laws, benefits and worships should be Allah alone, He is the owner of it. She is the one who has the authority to make laws and no one else has the right to say you do this and do that in the religion.

In the above verse, it will not bring any good or success to follow what others have said by condemning those who are in charge other than Allah, who has the authority to legislate in this religion, as liars and disbelievers. Allah teaches us that it is not Islam.

Instead, Islam forbids taking as a source of religion anything which Allah did not teach and which the Prophet did not explain by the self-opinion of others.

condemns They have partners who make what Allah does not permit lawful in religion

are there Had it not been for the promise of judgment (of the Hereafter), it would have been judged between them (in this world). For the wrongdoers is a painful torment.

Are you making co-gods with those who believe in religion because it is your authority to legislate something in the religion despite what others say? The Lord asks sternly.

Well, how does Allah inspire us with religion? God has appointed messengers and through them has blessed us with divine messages called Wahi and has given us religion and its legal plans.

Follow what has been revealed to you from your Lord! Do not follow those in charge except Him! You learn less.

(Quran 7:3)

One should only follow the divine messages given by the Prophet. This person affirms the principle of the religion that only that Wahi is worth following and that no one other than Allah should be made responsible for the formulation of the religion in the same verse.

Who are these modern Salafis who take their ancestors as religious leaders when God solemnly mentions that the message of God is Islam?

What is Salaf?

The Arabic word salaf, which means anything before, is used by Allah in various places in the Qur’an in this sense to refer to life before it.So whoever has come to him an exhortation from his Lord and has refrained from it, then he will have what came before him. (Al-Baqarah 275)

Whoever turns away (from usury) after receiving advice from his Lord, what he acquired before is due.

(Quran 2:275)

God pardons those who came before and whoever returns, then God will take revenge on him, and God is Mighty, Possessor of Choosing. (Al-Maeda (95)) Allah has forgiven what happened. Allah will punish whoever repeats it. Allah is Exalted; Punisher.

(Quran 5:95)

Say to those who disbelieve: If they desist, what has happened will be forgiven them, but if they return, then the path of the ancients has passed. (Al-Anfal:)If they turn away, their past deeds will be forgiven. Tell the disbelievers that if they return (to sin) the way they were (punished) before is still going on!

(Quran 8:38)

The time you live (in this world) is like the time from “Asr to the setting of the sun compared to the time you live with the societies that went before you. (Book: Bukhari 557)

The word life appears in these and many other places in the Qur’an and Hadith. Among these we can see that the word is used to indicate that something precedes. This term refers to the advance in every respect, advance in benefits, advance in society
has been used. Life is also called life when we give money in business.

The term suchlife is used by modern Salafists to refer to their predecessors as they follow their predecessors.



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